Webdyn in association with our Partner for SEA market “Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited” offers services under Industry 4.0 for Industry – Audit, Manage & Improve productivity across various Machine, & Resource (Man & Machine) – Vertically integrating in Remote Management for RE, Building Asset Management, Plant Maintenance & Control.(powered by AceIoT)

Ours is a single platform for all of the Industry 4.0 use – truly no one has this kind of offering as an integrated offering – all others are vertically oriented and manage specific functionality only.

As you know that after the effect of the Covid 19 Pandemic, our markets have become extremely competitive for every industry, so to reduce the operational wastages, industries are now relying more on ‘DIGITALIZATION’ under the industry 4.0 scenario. This helps in the reduction of manual intervention and reduction of overheads and provides an accuracy of data collection, that helps optimizing all operation costs and to enhance our projects.



One such big waste which sucks out most of the operational cost of the plants is the consumption of Energy & Increased Downtime of Machine. The biggest challenge here after getting these implementations done is to keep proper, precise & manual intervention free track record of energy consumption recorded by the energy meters & the information from the Sensors (temperature, flow, pressure etc.) & Breakers to detect fault in the machine remotely. The solution is Remote monitoring of all your Modbus communicable energy meters, Water meters, gas meters, sensors and even DG Sets , Transformers , Boilers , Chillers etc.

Based on KRA-KPI of resources the solution helps visualize and optimise the usage of Energy and enhance productivity  across the Enterprise with dashboards and reports (realtime and historical).


Winnerspitch Energy Management Systems Industry 4.0