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Collecting, monitoring and controlling your solar plant installation are your priorities?

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Look no further, Webdyn is the solution

Webdyn will be attending the The Srilanka Solar Week on August, 29th, in Colombo.

You are welcome to visit us and discuss more about the way we can help you with the smart collection of data.

New - picture Discover our WebdynSunPM for monitoring and collecting data from a solar plant installation.

The WebdynSunPM concentrator is used to monitor an control your photovoltaic installations by collecting, analysing and modifying your equipment parameters.

Define your scenarios to modulate the power injected to the grid, optimise energy storage or manage your own consumption.


Webdyn Icon Power management

Webdyn Icon Compatible with the inverters available on the market

Webdyn Icon Very low consumption of data on mobile networks

Webdyn Icon 3 RS485/422 data buses (inverters, displays, Modbus slaves, etc.)

Webdyn Icon Real time monitoring of electricity production and the installation

Webdyn Icon Local action automation (offloading, reduction of the reactive power, etc.)

Webdyn Icon Local or remote maintenance (alarm, troubleshooting, correction, etc.)

Webdyn Icon Data security